Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mojo Morning

Hi again. Got my craft on this morning. I repurposed a couple of frames and a pillow for my favorite Green Door thrift shop to sell. So I put the words "fish wife" on a grafic for the pillow, because I think "Oh, how cute." I love to eat at that restaurant down in Monterey. But then I looked up the meaning! It means winer. I think that is so funny. The whole purpose for putting the fish on the pillow was so some fisherman guy would buy it for his wife! I still like it, though. Also, it was my birthday.

Here I am with my little one just abou to eat cake. We also took a trip to Apple Hill. This is the Larson's Farmhouse and water wheel. I don't think I ever got out of my jammies this morning. That's what I call a craftin mojo morning. bbfn

Thursday, October 23, 2008

shears and deers

Had a fun trip to see all the family and friends I could sqeeeeze in to a week. Lunch dates, dinners, more dinners, and thankfully, a few naps thanks to the babysitters. (That being Ms. Jamie and Grandpa and Nana.) Now that I'm back, I dug right in and pulled together some frames for The Green Door. I forgot to photograph them. But, Rachelle gave me more frames that had been donated to them to do more. I love to recycle. I found two cheap white frames in my storage unit. I put a cool graphic in them, added some ribbon. They were cute. I was inspired by Cloth paper and scissors January '07 issue. Photos next time.

Today I bought Monarch shears at an antique store for $5. Is that a good price? Also I found some little deer to give for a gift. I have also started Mitzi's quilt again. It is a nightmare. I cut it out wrong. I'm having to piece together some parts to make up pieces. There will be all these extra seams now. Whatever! Would love to take those shears to that quilt! bfn

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

cAtCh Up

First off, please say a prayer for Courtney. Without too many details, she has suffered a grave loss. I am achey inside for her and teary just writing about it.

I will be leaving for a few days, and I wanted to post some pics of my work, my thrifting treasures, and so on. I have been working my day job so much, I haven't been able to keep up. My blog was looking bleak.
My very first ATC's.

Remember my little birds? Well, I have been thrifting some pretty posh abodes for the little darlings. Now my house is filling up..What do I do? I can't leave them homeless..

Next, some Halloween thrift treasures, a darling little vintage baby blanket with silky backing, baby high stool, and a linen tapestry and alphabet box.

You see, I was busy. I'm also crafting at present. I will share those will you a little later. We are taking the wee one to see his Grandma, Nana, Grandpa, cousins. I get to see some of my dear friends I haven't seen for a while. Can't wait to share some more with you when I return. ttfn.