Monday, April 20, 2009

go ahead, say red

Red buffet. Done and looking fabulous in my living room. Cost? About $30 dollars. 15 for the piece, 15 for the red regal rustoleum spray paint. Believe me, in the living room, the color is toned way down. It looks so nice. It holds our DVDs and Roman's toys. I wasn't able to really stage the living room. We live there. Let's be real. I was lucky to get these shots as it was. I can't find the before shots. Someone told me that a magnet will destroy photo discs. Isn't that just my luck. First project I really documented well. I'll be more careful about the whereabouts of my disc next time.
This is Stacey, (on right) and Hannah's (on left). Stacey made the most off the hook Mater cake for her son Cole's 4th birthday. (Cole is pictured with his Dad, Loren, tractor- I mean tire tippin.)
Just look at it. The thing is a work of art. Well, it was a work of art.

And if your are have a Cars party for your youngin, Tire Tipping is a fun game. And the kids loved it. Watch how Loren and Cole demonstrate. It was a great 4th birthday party. Happy Birthday, Cole!

Next up: Well, you might not know this, but I am on the hunt for a vintage trailer. Mary Jane Butters (Farmgirl magazine), and the Vintage Housewife have me obsessed with finding one. I have always loved camping. But glamourcamping is right up my alley. Well, I went to Millie's house to check out a Shasta she and her husband had. And look at this: she gifted me with this chandelier. Picured here hanging in my garage.

Well, I could hardly speak. And I promised her that we would set up a blog. Because, guess what? She is an amazing artist, pen and ink, mosaic, tile, quilter, etc.. You can not believe the energy this gal possesses. Her husband John is also a mixed media artist. He welds the most clever animals and such. So stay tuned and I will let you know how it turns out for Millie. You will love her. Now, I just have to figure out how to sell on Etsy for her. Have another great day!