Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We go

Hi all, I left my camera in SB when we traveled down for the holiday. This amazing photo was done by my friend Ari for our Christmans photo shoot. My family will face many changes this year. I will look to my blogger buddies for solace many, many times, I'm sure. Thank you Jen at Artisticallydesignediversions for posting our picture with Melanie, you and I. We are off again. This time to San Fran for a wedding. Hope to get in some thriftin and junking. Happy New Year. xo, juls

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Adventures with Advent

Went to Pickled Tink and make this advent calendar. I fell in love with theirs in the shop. Took the class and made my own. I had so much fun making the daily charms to add to each day. I love baby Jesus and Mary. I could not wait to make it. I love this calendar. Hope you do, too. xo, juls

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sentimental things

Well, how are you? I'm so happy you are here. I want to show you these amazing photos that I took photos of. They belonged to my Mother in Law, Lucile. She just passed away and we went to her home for the funeral/mass. When I say Lucile was one in a million, it is true. I will miss her stories and wisdom.
The ballerina is Lucile, we believe. Look at that dress. It is a birthday cake. Have you seen anything like it? Anyone know anything about it? And the elegant woman is Lucile's grandmother. She hung in Lucile's livingroom. The lady was a hat or dressmaker, in Paris, I believe. Aren't they stunning? I see lot's of possibility with collage, art, cards, etc..ummmm

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm on a special assignment with my job in Mammoth, California. The assignment was to last three weeks. It will go on for a few more yet. I miss posting my little milestones. I hope you all do not forget me. I will be back home, up and running, posting, decorating, arting -- is that a word, really? -- very soon. I hope you all are well and happy. xo juls

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

go visit

Hi Gals, go visit for a clock tutorial and soap give away. xo, juls

Fall Fest

Here are some fall touches around my house. I love this little blackbird from the dollar store. Had to dress him up with my rhinestones, you know. Saw that on someone's blog. Sorry. Can't remember which one.

I put the Rooster on the mantle. And here is the foyer with the birdcage I love. Put some plastic spiders on it and another fun blackbird. The fall basket on the dining room table has dollar store follage. Cost about 6 dollars. The background wall color is the dining room I just painted. You can see a pretty true color there of the yellow.

I'm preparing the before and after of the dining room for you.
Little shout out to Dawn and the other Juls. Thanks for the recipes and nice correspondance. See you soon. xo, juls

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Findings and letting go

Hi All,

I was hit hard emotionally recently. My Hub and I are a Foster/adopt family. We want to "add on." Well, we were able to hang out with this little one for a few days. He stole my heart. There is a happy ending for him. Rest assured. But we are on the list still. So we carry on...

Up and away. We went to the Balloon Races. You get up at the crack of dawn and watch the assension. It is really fun.
Here are some thrift findings:

An awesome vintage baby buggy. (See, I got it bad.) Pictured with a wrought iron tiered stand. There is this sweet pewter holder with a twig on top. Love it. And this danty pink tiered holder. It sits right on my studio desk.
And a little braggin' . I learned to make crochet rugs last Friday. This is my first one. I'm "hooked." hahahahah I am going to paint the dining room now. I took before pics.......xo juls

Thursday, September 3, 2009

small favors

Baby Showers, aren't they sweet? Three women from church are having babies. The Womens' Ministries I'm in is throwing the shower. I've been busy making these mint/holder small favors for the ladies in attendance. It has been fun working in my new studio. I love the space. And the Lifesavers Mints fill the room with a spearminty smell.

Sorry for the glare. Sort of like a matchbook with a mint inside.

And here is this art collage I did. Isn't she dazzling? Well, she made need some more dazzle. But it was the first canvas I painted. Fun.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rooster Party Day


Here are my roosters to share with you all. So happy you stopped by: First, this Rooster Lamp, thrifted for $6. He's a cool brown patina resin. I love this little lamp.

Isn't he cute?

Next, I just got this gorgeous guy at the Tumbleweed Cotillion Antique Flea Market here in Reno. He came from "The French Twist Booth." He was $3. He was my most fun and whimsical find of the day. What do you think? I love him.

Happy Rooster Day.

xo, Juls

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rooster Party

Hi All, Go on over to Bella Vista blog and read about her invitation to the Rooster Party on Friday. I have some hot Roosters to share with you. You can visit her blog by clicking on her link on the top left of this page or . Bhack, Bhack.

Bhack, Bhack

Grab My Rooster Button for Your Sidebar-Friday, August 28th Hey All, Go check out the party invitation. I don't know how to grab her Rooster Button, yet. But I've got a couple of roosters to show on Friday.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Howdy, now

Hi all. Let me share this cool little lamp I found thrifting. I didn't buy it the first time I saw it. I was still thinking about it for a couple of days. Well, you know I just went down and bought. Cute, ugh? $6. Now, you know I had to go to the Tumbleweed Cotillion this weekend. It is a flea market/antique show, put on by the Tracys' here in Reno of the cute event center "41 Taylor." I met Sandy and Erika there. These great fun, happy gals and their booth, "The Tattered House," was so cute, and they were so sweet and warm. I just love um..

These girls put on the Roseville Fall Antique Market. It is on September 20, 2009. Check out their site at . Hope the linky works.

I ordered the Farm Chicks book, "The Farm Chicks in the kitchen. OMG. I just want to go bake a darn pie and sew an apron...Well, I've got so much stuff to tell you: I'm not moving, yet. I bought a dog. My HH made a space for a studio for me. I found an old friend's sister who happens to be quite a talented artist, Jennifer Rogers Daniels. She been publised in Somerset. I love her work. Will share more about her and how I have to ask God to forgive me for being mean to her sister. She was my BFF, and I caved to peer pressure, made stupid mistakes and lost her....We all have our stories, don't we? Well, that's all for today. This is the link to Jen's blog. Wait till you see it!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tracy's right.

Thrift store gouging has been a pet peeve of mine for a while. I grew up on shopping in those places all through high school, college and two marriages. What could Goodwill and Salvation Army etc. be thinking about? I wanted to open my own for so long just so I could do the dollar-a-bag of clothes sale. I hope the thrift stores decide to put thrift back in their name. It is a shame and a sham! Go check out the post at and see what you think. She is so darn cute!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

missing the bliss

Oh, how I've missed my blog, blogging friends, and blog searching and scanning and dreaming. Sorry. My life now consists of searching the MLS and trying to find cool new digs for my family. Yes, we are moving from our lush house. My HH is returning to his post at his former office. This move will improve our finacial standing. But before we leave, take a look at this cherry. Yes, five

beautiful packed full trees on this property, and here are some of the other lush fuana.

I see that my pics are going to be a scattered mess. Carry on, then. My son had his 4th birthday.

We had a surprise visit from Grandpa all the way from So. California. We didn't tell R that Grandpa was coming. We picked Grandpa up at the airport and R was Shocked to say the least.

He could not comprehend his Grandpa being at the airport. Here they are when they first see eachother. They have a magical connection. One of the reasons we are moving.

We had T-ball season, and finished T-ball season.

And, somehow, I read two books: Pride and Prejudice and my new favorite: the Last American Man..written by Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Love, Pray fame. Eustace Conway is now one of my American Heros for staying true. I watched some of his interviews on youtube. His accent and demeanor are slow, calculating and he is funny. We are going to try to go to his Turtle Island family camp next year. Go check it out. I realize primitive culture and living is not for everyone, not even me all the time. But the read was great. I love you, Eustace.

I also put my garden in. When it gets bigger I'll give you a peek. Hopefully all of my heirloom seed growing madness will pay off. Oh, there was also the fashion show I modeled in with Daisy and Shannon. All in good fun and for the womens' retreat this year. You know how stressful moving is? I have moved six times since 2000. I will try to keep up some postings, pics, and blurbs. Hope you are enjoying the start of summer. xo Juls

Monday, April 20, 2009

go ahead, say red

Red buffet. Done and looking fabulous in my living room. Cost? About $30 dollars. 15 for the piece, 15 for the red regal rustoleum spray paint. Believe me, in the living room, the color is toned way down. It looks so nice. It holds our DVDs and Roman's toys. I wasn't able to really stage the living room. We live there. Let's be real. I was lucky to get these shots as it was. I can't find the before shots. Someone told me that a magnet will destroy photo discs. Isn't that just my luck. First project I really documented well. I'll be more careful about the whereabouts of my disc next time.
This is Stacey, (on right) and Hannah's (on left). Stacey made the most off the hook Mater cake for her son Cole's 4th birthday. (Cole is pictured with his Dad, Loren, tractor- I mean tire tippin.)
Just look at it. The thing is a work of art. Well, it was a work of art.

And if your are have a Cars party for your youngin, Tire Tipping is a fun game. And the kids loved it. Watch how Loren and Cole demonstrate. It was a great 4th birthday party. Happy Birthday, Cole!

Next up: Well, you might not know this, but I am on the hunt for a vintage trailer. Mary Jane Butters (Farmgirl magazine), and the Vintage Housewife have me obsessed with finding one. I have always loved camping. But glamourcamping is right up my alley. Well, I went to Millie's house to check out a Shasta she and her husband had. And look at this: she gifted me with this chandelier. Picured here hanging in my garage.

Well, I could hardly speak. And I promised her that we would set up a blog. Because, guess what? She is an amazing artist, pen and ink, mosaic, tile, quilter, etc.. You can not believe the energy this gal possesses. Her husband John is also a mixed media artist. He welds the most clever animals and such. So stay tuned and I will let you know how it turns out for Millie. You will love her. Now, I just have to figure out how to sell on Etsy for her. Have another great day!