Sunday, February 14, 2010

A gift for Diamond

Don't you love hand dyed slips? Oh, the colors, the pretty textures, the frill of it all. Well, I started collecting the slips. This slip was an ordinary beige. I bought the dye. And voila, here is my first one. The beautiful model, Diamond, is the recipient of the coco/maroon coloured and lightly embellished slip. I am really pleased with the colour and the way it took on the hue. Thank you to Diamond for modeling my first creation. She's gorgeous, don't you think? You are the best, girl....xo, juls

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hello Girls

Meet the girls. They came from "The Fish" thrift store in Carson City. When I saw these little handmade beauties, I knew they belonged to me. They donned my Christmas tree and have been hanging out in the living room ever since...I just imagine someone making these girls by hand. Each one is so sweet with the hand stitched tail feathers and eyes. I can't imagine why after all the work these ladies landed in the box I found them in for $2. xo, juls