Tuesday, March 24, 2009

thriftin finds

Here are a few little finds of mine as of late. Reigndeer moss from the Sac. Antique fair. MarilynMarilynMarilyn made up the cute apothocary jar. Here are some lovely perfume bottles from Savers over the weekend. And the jar of cream came from an antique store in Walker, Ca. It has the name "Mary" engraved on the top.

I recently add this background matting to our family photo. It is wrapping papper I bought at Ikea. I thought it came out pretty good.

Until next time, xo juls

Monday, March 16, 2009

spring door

My front door was needing some spring fling. So I went to the dolla store and bought some flowers like this:

and made this for the front door area:

So now the front door has a little spring green. I also had to give my little friend, we'll just call him Buddy, a little bundle to hold.

My husband has been gone away on business. My little one was so sick the last few days, so we've just been hanging around. Of course, I lurk around the blogs. I was so lonely for friends that I started my own campaign on Girlfriends Cafe to get some new blood. So I'm going to put those gals together. The other cool thing is I found a walking partner on Craigs list, and I meet up with her tomorrow. Then my cool blogger buddie was bummed out. But Lordy, she had 40 comments on her blog, A Cottage Industry. You saw her in my last entry. So now she has to read through all those comments. Isn't it beautiful so many women responded to her? That's just awesome. Take care. My red buffet is almost done. Wait till you see it. xoxox Juls

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hunting and gathering

Sacramento Antique fair was a great new discovery. I also met the Tracey's from A cottage Industry. It was my first blog encounter with a fellow blogger. And I just had to tell Tracey how her mother turned me on to blogging in the first place. I hope these pics do justice. These girls can put it all together I tell you. They had such a foo foo booth. Really nice. See. Go check their blog if you don't believe me.

I also stopped by Marilyn's booth from MarilynMarilynMarilyn.com. Another foo foo booth. Really so beautiful. She and her husband are such nice people. The weather in Sac was perfect. What a great way to spend a day. What? Oh, did I buy something? Well, a couple of things. But I have to save that for another post. Okay? Because I really have to finish my book club book. I just got into it, and I'm on a roll. What book? Honeymoon with my Brother....

So we did have snow on Monday, just a dusting mind you. My little one was so excited to go outside. Here he is shoveling the snow. Well, he calls it "Crushing the Snow." Such a big helper.

Have a good day. xo juls

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Due' Sorella, my Thursday love

Oh, such bliss. I drive a long way to work on Thursdays. On my way home today I thought, "I want to go somewhere lovely on my way home." I prayed and turned the corner to one of my very favorite shops. Still open. I was thrilled. I bought these beautiful items: Fantastic red lampshade. small matted picture, and my first book of vintage music.

The shop, Due' Sorella, is fantastic. So much eye candy. Just like walking into one of these wonderful blogs. The shopkeeper, Julie, is a gorgeous, warm, lovely lady. She merchandises expertly and has a great eye for detail. Obvious design background. I wish I had my camera. You should see her collection of vintage aprons...to die for. And her dressmaker's form, I would have stole her if she wasn't looking. Awesome girl she is. Here is Julie's web site address. She doesn't blog. Tell her Juls4real turned you on. She is located in Carson City, Nevads: http://duesorelladesign.com/. She posts cute vignettes. And here is her logo. I love it. "Due' Sorella" means, two sisters...The photo is Julie and her sister. Ciao

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

goin to Sac, cuz it's Sunday

Oh, but I've missed posting. So many things came up that hindered my mojo for writing. Health issues, family issues, work just kept me down. I am feeling better. Spring cleaning like a mad woman. (Anyone else doing that?) I filled an entire truck full of things for Goodwill. I just don't want to move anything that I don't use. And I am so hopeful that we will sell our house in the spring. I want to go back to California in the worst way. I miss my family, work, friends -- really great friends. I am painting and fixing the house and will let you peek as I go...

But for now, here is a trove of treasures I thrifted recently. I love the detail in the throw pillow and small container. (If you click on the pic, the pillow is in the background, very red. Love it.) Picked up this sweet footed urn to add to my white pottery collection. I am drawn to white pottery. I have no idea why. There is some silky fabric for more pillow slips. But the best, ultimate, exciting find is the chandelier crystals. I was over the moon when I came up on them.
And then...

I started obsessing about stuff to sell at Blooming Deals. I started noticing cupcakes are everywhere. I searched the Web and came upon these made by mommy24cs on Etsy. Wellllll, then I really started obsessing and jonesing about making one, and I did. I love it. I wanted to make a whole beautiful tray full of the darling things. But I stopped at one. Here is why: I made a bunch of spoons and vintage cones for the store recently. When I went by last week, the owner handed them back to me in a box to take back home. I was confused because she said to bring her handmade stuff. Now, this is the first rejection of my art that I have experienced first hand. I took a couple of days to recover myself.

You know what? So what? So she doesn't like the mixed media art. We are talking about a very small town shop. I felt safe there. It is a place to get my feet wet. So, do I do the cupcakes? I think I will, but I'm not sure

Next, acottageindustry will be at the Sacramento Antique Faire this Sunday. I must go, simply must. It is on Sunday - Saturday is Sabbath for me. I try desparately not to shop or work on Sabbath. It is not easy...So can you believe how excited I am to go to this thing? I cross my fingers my little one doesn't get sick or anything else comes up. Take good care, and thanks for stopping by, xo Juls