Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy January

16 Sparrows is a quirky group that has a Letter Writing Alliance membership club of sorts.  I signed up and am looking forward to my membership badge being delivered snail mail.  They offer mail ideas in new and interesting ways.  Go visit.

For a while now I have had a few Pen Pals.  Somehow I came across Pen Pal World on the internet and I have accumulated a few gals to correspond with.  Some girls like snail mail.  Others like email.  You can peruse profiles and find a match to write to.  Cool.

The tactile part of me loves note cards.  I've never taken to scraping and making cards, but I do like stamping envelopes and sending off to far away places.  Pen Pal World is a good fit for me.  One pal I have lives in London, two others live in Australia, and then a couple live here in the US.

Naked envelopes bug me.  There are infinite things to do with an envelope, an empty canvas if you will.
Putting a stamped image and doodling around on the envelope always give it that certain something.  Don't you think?

Go write a note to someone.  Well, maybe closer to February since you probably just spent a fortune on stamps for Christmas Cards.  xo, juls