Thursday, October 23, 2008

shears and deers

Had a fun trip to see all the family and friends I could sqeeeeze in to a week. Lunch dates, dinners, more dinners, and thankfully, a few naps thanks to the babysitters. (That being Ms. Jamie and Grandpa and Nana.) Now that I'm back, I dug right in and pulled together some frames for The Green Door. I forgot to photograph them. But, Rachelle gave me more frames that had been donated to them to do more. I love to recycle. I found two cheap white frames in my storage unit. I put a cool graphic in them, added some ribbon. They were cute. I was inspired by Cloth paper and scissors January '07 issue. Photos next time.

Today I bought Monarch shears at an antique store for $5. Is that a good price? Also I found some little deer to give for a gift. I have also started Mitzi's quilt again. It is a nightmare. I cut it out wrong. I'm having to piece together some parts to make up pieces. There will be all these extra seams now. Whatever! Would love to take those shears to that quilt! bfn

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