Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We go

Hi all, I left my camera in SB when we traveled down for the holiday. This amazing photo was done by my friend Ari for our Christmans photo shoot. My family will face many changes this year. I will look to my blogger buddies for solace many, many times, I'm sure. Thank you Jen at Artisticallydesignediversions for posting our picture with Melanie, you and I. We are off again. This time to San Fran for a wedding. Hope to get in some thriftin and junking. Happy New Year. xo, juls


Dawn said...

Hi Juls. I'm sorry, I've missed a few posts somehow. Hope you have a wonderful time in S.F.
Happy New Year!

Carolyn said...

Happy new year to you all Juls !!


Lynne Laura said...

Hi Juls,

How lovely to be going to some shopping and let us know what you pick up.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Nishant said...

San Fran is a place i wish to visit someday , i hope you had a good time spent there anyway .

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Daisy said...

I love the picture of the three of you walking hand in hand.