Saturday, May 29, 2010

come back and sit a spell

I am not a goner. I have moved to another state. You know how it goes, unpack, unpack, unpack. Yuck. But, I did plant some tomatoes. I am finishing a 2000 page transcript for my work. And that is why I have been away. Did I mention my son turned 5?

Here is a pic of my master bath before and after. It was a challenge to figure out how to disquise a really strange set up. There is a window in the tub. Anyway, these are the things I have been a doin'. Wait till you see some of the slips. Oh, la, la....xo, juls
Before on left and after on right.

ps I have missed you, very much....and I love junkgypsyblog

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Lyndsey said...

Thanks for the comment.. I am glad you like the bathroom:) I got the shower curtain at Target.. they have the cutest stuff!!!