Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yikes. When you don't post, it's hard to post. People stop coming by. You aren't motivated. Oh, well. Still love blogging. I'm still here. I watch all my favorite blogs. Yes, that's you.
My little one went to Kindergarten. I am so busy with the class and PTA. Woa. and we are looking for a new house. And I am working more and more, but that means creating less. I really thought for a minute I was going to do my own booth on Sundays at the farmers market....Soccer came along on Sundays. My little one cries on the field. He needs me. No booth for now. My auntie has cancer. I cook for her sometimes. We go to a cancer support group. That was one reason we moved back here, so we could be with her. I'm glad we are here. Happy Fall everyone...Here are chemo hats I make for auntie,

rugs I've been crocheting, and a photo from the La Fluer Barn sale in Fallbrook, CA. xo, juls

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Dawn said...

Hi Juls! Sorry to hear about Auntie! I hope her treatments are helping. I'm sure having you around has been good for her!

I haven't been blogging as much as I used to. It gets hard to keep up sometimes. I'm glad to know you still love doing it though. I use to think...when the kids get older I'll have more time... ha! I feel terrible because I'm hardly visitng expcept when people leave comments. I'm glad you came by!