Thursday, January 12, 2012

January Posting

Spring is on the way. I am so happy because that means I might possibly be living in a house we just opened escrow on, and drum rollllllll.......adopting a son. Whew. Yeah. He's pretty amazingly neat.

My older son convinced us to add on. He is a wonderful big brother. I will keep you posted.

Here is a picture I drew. My son's teacher opens her home and teaches a group of us how to use pastels. We have fun and she is very gracious.

My obsession with Jess Brown dolls led me to create my own. I can't pay 200 bucks for a rag doll, not with a good conscience and a sewing machine. So here is mine sitting pool side. She's waiting for hair, makeup and wardrobe. I just love her.

Lastly, I met a pretty interesting gal. Lynn makes upcycled journals from books she picks up from every stinkin where. She's a teacher/writer/world traveler. These are a few journals I picked up from her. If you need one, let me know. The background is a very lush
bedspread I got at a garage sale for 20 bucks.

That is another post....xoxo, juls


julie - eab designs said...

How exciting! You have so much to look forward to. Keep us posted.

Natasha Darling said...

I love your Pastel drawing, very beautiful work! :-)
Thank you for your lovely comment!

xx Tash

Daisy said...

The boys look adorable and congratulations!