Friday, September 26, 2008

Wait a minute!

Before on Left.

Yep, I needed a change. I went from this to this. Not sure if I like it. But when I got up this morning, it didn't look like a wig.

After ob right.

Going to Weimar for a women's retreat this weekend. I'll snap some pics of the event. I will sorely miss the Candy Dance. But if I work hard this year, perhaps next year I'll be ready for my own booth. Just keep craftin, just keep craftin, just keep craftin.

Little shout out to my girls in Ohio, Kimm, Katie, Kerry and Kendra. Hope you are able to find my blog. Look around at all these amazing people blogging out there. I spend hours looking through wonderful stories and handmade and thrifted treasures. Now, if only my girlfriends were here...

And a few more pics for fun.....


kimmeesue said...

Oh Juls - you look so beautiful with your new do. I like it!

We miss you too so very much!

You are such a cool blogger and the pictures are fabulous - what talent you the little crafts!

Miss you and I'll be keepin an eye out for your bloggin.

Jen r. said...

I read your comment on another blog. Are you looking for Kimba at a soft place to land or the nester at the nesting place or beyond the picket fence? they are all repurposers..... :)