Thursday, March 5, 2009

Due' Sorella, my Thursday love

Oh, such bliss. I drive a long way to work on Thursdays. On my way home today I thought, "I want to go somewhere lovely on my way home." I prayed and turned the corner to one of my very favorite shops. Still open. I was thrilled. I bought these beautiful items: Fantastic red lampshade. small matted picture, and my first book of vintage music.

The shop, Due' Sorella, is fantastic. So much eye candy. Just like walking into one of these wonderful blogs. The shopkeeper, Julie, is a gorgeous, warm, lovely lady. She merchandises expertly and has a great eye for detail. Obvious design background. I wish I had my camera. You should see her collection of vintage die for. And her dressmaker's form, I would have stole her if she wasn't looking. Awesome girl she is. Here is Julie's web site address. She doesn't blog. Tell her Juls4real turned you on. She is located in Carson City, Nevads: She posts cute vignettes. And here is her logo. I love it. "Due' Sorella" means, two sisters...The photo is Julie and her sister. Ciao

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

i love any old papers to use !
So i guess you were happy to find it there !
It`s a shame you didn`t have your camera - the vignette photo looks beautiful on her site .. i would love to have those kind of shops here to see - i`d be a kid in a candy store !!