Monday, March 16, 2009

spring door

My front door was needing some spring fling. So I went to the dolla store and bought some flowers like this:

and made this for the front door area:

So now the front door has a little spring green. I also had to give my little friend, we'll just call him Buddy, a little bundle to hold.

My husband has been gone away on business. My little one was so sick the last few days, so we've just been hanging around. Of course, I lurk around the blogs. I was so lonely for friends that I started my own campaign on Girlfriends Cafe to get some new blood. So I'm going to put those gals together. The other cool thing is I found a walking partner on Craigs list, and I meet up with her tomorrow. Then my cool blogger buddie was bummed out. But Lordy, she had 40 comments on her blog, A Cottage Industry. You saw her in my last entry. So now she has to read through all those comments. Isn't it beautiful so many women responded to her? That's just awesome. Take care. My red buffet is almost done. Wait till you see it. xoxox Juls


Carolyn said...

beautiful wreath Juls !!
Not that i live in a rough area - but i would be scared if i put one on my door that it would get pinched !!
People will nick anything these days if it`s not bolted down !!

Have a great day

Karen Deborah said...

cute! Hi saw you popped by my place. If you want to go to Angie's blog
Keep Believing and can't find it you can pop in from my reading list on the side bar and then copy and paste the link once your there.

Thanks for coming by!