Monday, August 24, 2009

Howdy, now

Hi all. Let me share this cool little lamp I found thrifting. I didn't buy it the first time I saw it. I was still thinking about it for a couple of days. Well, you know I just went down and bought. Cute, ugh? $6. Now, you know I had to go to the Tumbleweed Cotillion this weekend. It is a flea market/antique show, put on by the Tracys' here in Reno of the cute event center "41 Taylor." I met Sandy and Erika there. These great fun, happy gals and their booth, "The Tattered House," was so cute, and they were so sweet and warm. I just love um..

These girls put on the Roseville Fall Antique Market. It is on September 20, 2009. Check out their site at . Hope the linky works.

I ordered the Farm Chicks book, "The Farm Chicks in the kitchen. OMG. I just want to go bake a darn pie and sew an apron...Well, I've got so much stuff to tell you: I'm not moving, yet. I bought a dog. My HH made a space for a studio for me. I found an old friend's sister who happens to be quite a talented artist, Jennifer Rogers Daniels. She been publised in Somerset. I love her work. Will share more about her and how I have to ask God to forgive me for being mean to her sister. She was my BFF, and I caved to peer pressure, made stupid mistakes and lost her....We all have our stories, don't we? Well, that's all for today. This is the link to Jen's blog. Wait till you see it!

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