Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tracy's right.

Thrift store gouging has been a pet peeve of mine for a while. I grew up on shopping in those places all through high school, college and two marriages. What could Goodwill and Salvation Army etc. be thinking about? I wanted to open my own for so long just so I could do the dollar-a-bag of clothes sale. I hope the thrift stores decide to put thrift back in their name. It is a shame and a sham! Go check out the post at and see what you think. She is so darn cute!


Jennifer R.D. said...

Cool blog Julie,
You look so different with blonde hair. I haven't seen you since you were working at Red Lobster in SB!
It is amazing how many things we have in common now- My mom is a quilting teacher and owned a quilt shop in Big Bear for 10 years! Melanie and I quilt as well. I am into quilties and mixed-media fabric assemblages now. My boys are 15 and 22. You still have a little one- that takes a lot of energy!
Keep in touch- it's so exciting that you GET what I do- so many people around here don't understand my weird collections LOL

Carolyn said...

Hi Juls ;o)

The linky wouldn`t work - so i couldn`t read about it .
Anyway - hope you`re well - and thanks for visiting me once again - and yes i`m still writing the childrens book - on and off when i want to .