Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Findings and letting go

Hi All,

I was hit hard emotionally recently. My Hub and I are a Foster/adopt family. We want to "add on." Well, we were able to hang out with this little one for a few days. He stole my heart. There is a happy ending for him. Rest assured. But we are on the list still. So we carry on...

Up and away. We went to the Balloon Races. You get up at the crack of dawn and watch the assension. It is really fun.
Here are some thrift findings:

An awesome vintage baby buggy. (See, I got it bad.) Pictured with a wrought iron tiered stand. There is this sweet pewter holder with a twig on top. Love it. And this danty pink tiered holder. It sits right on my studio desk.
And a little braggin' . I learned to make crochet rugs last Friday. This is my first one. I'm "hooked." hahahahah I am going to paint the dining room now. I took before pics.......xo juls


Dawn said...

Hi Juls, that letting go is hard. We did fos/adopt for both of our children. We had one really bad placement/separation before things worked for us. But I know we have the children we were meant to have!
Hang in there.

julie said...

Hi Juls, Sending my thoughts and wishes that you won't have to wait too long for your "happy ending".

I do love your thrift finds, especially the wire stand. Enjoy your week ahead. - julie (eab designs)

Dawn said...

Did you get that dinning room painted yet? I love painting rooms, instant (well, almost instant) gratification.

The cookie "cake" is just two tubes of Pillsbury choc. chip cookie dough spread out in a cheap disposable pan with short sides. It takes maybe 5 minutes longer than what the directions say for regular cookies. A little decorative frosting around the edge and your done.