Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Fest

Here are some fall touches around my house. I love this little blackbird from the dollar store. Had to dress him up with my rhinestones, you know. Saw that on someone's blog. Sorry. Can't remember which one.

I put the Rooster on the mantle. And here is the foyer with the birdcage I love. Put some plastic spiders on it and another fun blackbird. The fall basket on the dining room table has dollar store follage. Cost about 6 dollars. The background wall color is the dining room I just painted. You can see a pretty true color there of the yellow.

I'm preparing the before and after of the dining room for you.
Little shout out to Dawn and the other Juls. Thanks for the recipes and nice correspondance. See you soon. xo, juls


julie said...

Loving the sneak peek of the yellow walls! Trying to convince my hubby to repaint our family room and kitchen a lovely shade of yellow...I'll keep working on him. :)

Dawn said...

That blackbird all dressed in rhinestones is so cute. It amazes me what great ideas everyone has.

Love, love, love the yellow!

Barbara said...

Very nice decor, I just love fall, everything this is just so pretty and colorful, God's handi work just amazes me.

Lynne Laura said...

Hi Juls,

Love the rooster...thank you for coming by my blog. They had a red rooster and I resisted but if I am still thinking of it by Friday,I'll go get it.

What crowns did you find? LOVE to know.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Dawn said...

Hey, me again, if you get this comment before Tues. Nov.3 come by for my giveaway. It's gots lot's of red, some practical things and some just for fun.

Kristi McKay said...

Hi Julie!

I am on now! Just need my son to help get photos up. will do art later....see ya tomorrow! Kristi

Nishant said...

It amazes me what great ideas everyone has

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